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. V I S U A L   G A L L E R Y   .

Air Hangat Restaurant

A significant cultural complex includes restaurant, drama hall and a 3-tier hot spring, one of the landmark of Langkawi Island


The Regent of Kuala Lumpur

A coolzy and relax cafeteria exclusively for in-house staff.


Robson Condominium Apartment P.J.

A luxury, ideal sweet home.

First Business Inn

A budget Hotel locate at Jalan Ipoh besides constituting the restaurant and reception including 100 units hotel room build in furniture.

Genting Bowing Alley Summit City, Subang USJ

A theme bowling alley of combination between modern instrument and fantasy world

Berjaya Langkawi Imperial Beach resort

Greatly constructing the Coffee House & Chinese Restaurant box up column,
partition & build in fixture

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